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How Can I Become A Better Dancer?  Dancing has been around for about 9 thousand years!  Since then, it has evolved in to many different styles and types that most of us are trying to master on a daily basis.  When it comes to dancing many are shy about going out on the floor and cutting a rug, but that doesn’t have to be the case.  Here is a brief list of dance tips that you can use to try and become a better dancer in no time at all!   Dance Tips  So what steps can you take to become a better dancer?  Try some of these and you […]

Best Movie Dance Scenes

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Movie Dances  While they work with many choreographer’s over a period of time, hard work, and moths of time investment and energy, movie stars know how to dance.  However, it seems like we all fancy ourselves a performer after watching a dance scene in movies that make us want to get up and go.   This also doesn’t have to necessarily apply to musicals either, many modern dance movies have a cool choreographed dance scene in them.  Seeing someone dance invited a visceral emotion in us that makes us want to step up and join the action.  There are also many different ways that we can learn to dance like […]

Why Choose To Dance

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Top Dance Class Benefits  Dance classes have been proven to increase body and brain function and  agility. Improve strength and flexibility which will lead to a stronger body as you age. Meet new friends and interesting people who share your passion. Dance classes have been proven to help posture while walking. Reduce stress and get your workout time in doing something fun and unique. Learn more about the world through dance. Dance classes will lead to new opportunities and jobs that help you effectively communicate. Higher self esteem. Creative outlet for your pent up frustrations. Healthy life, healthy soul, Dance is an eclectic celebration of yourself!

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